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Aprildawn Gollihue

Owner & Founder of Aprildawn Photography LLC

Providing Personal Brand Photography to Entrepreneurs, Social Media Influencers, Brands.


Hi, I am Aprilawn!!

I reside in Arizona. I was raised in southern Ohio and relocated to Arizona back in 1994 to attend college. I am married a wonderful man of 8 years and I have three kids: my youngest son Andy age 4, my middle son Skylar age 16 and my oldest daughter Shyanne age 19. 

Andy joined our family officially in 2017 through the Arizona Foster Care adoption program. We are so blessed to have him and we love him to pieces.  He is my muse as you will see throughout my social networks.

My son Skylar was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at age 3. He attends a special school for kids with exceptionalities and he loves it. He has strong inner artist inside him and I see him picking up the camera more and more.

I am a story-telling photographer that helps online business owners express their brand narrative through branded photographs. 

I love personal brand photography because I get to turn you into the spokesperson of your brand while being able to allow your audience to connect with the real you and be on-brand. This gives you control over the narrative that surrounds your online persona. This allows you to take control of what you share and how people perceive your brand online.

Together we'll be developing your curated personal photography arsenal with professional photography made for your brand.

That's why it's my mission to help online entrepreneurs and influencers. You need a steady-stream of images to sell your products or services, and connect with your audiences online. Not only do you value professional photography and don't have time-- nor want to do it yourself, but know you need new images every quarter telling your story.

Some other fun facts about me...

  • I love cold coffee

  • I enjoy a good glass of wine

  • I like the AMC's The Walking Dead (Team Rick)

  • I like the Games of Thrones

  • Life is not complete without Chocolate

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