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Meet Mason he is a Beautiful Child of 2018


Meet Mason, age 9, he is Beauty Revived!





When you meet Mason, you are greeted with a great smile and lots of personality. I met up with Mason at the Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch in Gilbert AZ, to hear his story. Mason’s story is all too common in today’s school narrative. He faced bullying on a daily basis and was made to feel less by his peers.  There wasn’t a day that went by that his mother Crystalyn wasn’t getting a call from the school that Mason was in trouble again.  As a child and student who has exceptionality (Autism Spectrum Disorder), it’s not uncommon to find yourself facing bullying, as well as having a hard time communicating the situation and how it happened. Even when faced with the social challenge of bullying, Mason didn’t allow this to affect his attitude towards other students and people in general. He kept a positive attitude and his generosity intact through it all.


Mason’s generosity can be seen at his favorite arcade spot, Fat Cats in Gilbert, AZ.  His arcade skills shined as he accumulated 8,000 tickets to turn in for prizes. Mason saw that another kid at the arcade only had 105 tickets to claim his prize and felt that he should give him his arcade tickets. That’s exactly what he did, showing kindness and being charitable. Giving up his arcade tickets to someone who did not have enough shows his true inner beauty.  His generosity doesn’t stop there. Mason cares deeply for his inner circle of friends and doesn’t want anyone to feel left out or not as special as the others. He wanted to get one of his female friends a big stuffed animal with his arcade tickets but knew the other girls would feel left out. So, he took his time to save up enough arcade tickets to get three stuffed monkeys; one for each friend. Giving to others means more to Mason than getting something for himself.


Mason enjoys sports like basketball, soccer, and loves NASCAR. He enjoys playing outside with his friends, video games and the arcade of course. Being better than most his age at sports, Mason has won several awards showing his athleticism and drive. In doing so he has also built his confidence and it has made him feel more accepted.


Aprildawn Photography has chosen Mason to be one of our Beautiful Children of 2018. He has shown kindness and generosity to others while facing bullying at school as well as the daily challenges that come with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Mason has since changed schools. He really likes his new teachers and fellow classmates. We can all learn something from this wonderful kid; responding with love and kindness makes us stronger and able to stay free from negativity and hatred.


 As always #StandupSpeakout and share your story to educate and inspire others to stop bullies.

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