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Birth Photography Model Call

Just like your wedding day, your baby’s birth will come and go in an instant. How will you remember all the emotion and details of this special day?

The birth of your child will be one of the most amazing days of your life. Of course, you'll want to document the moment in some way, so the question remains -- should you hire a birth photographer?

If hearing the words birth photography makes you cringe, you are not alone, I used to feel that way. I didn’t even know what it was or why anyone would want to capture such graphic photos to look back on later in life. That is until I saw birth photography. It’s not just the process of birth itself but all the precious moments leading up to it. Just type “birth photography” into Pinterest and tell me it doesn’t give you all the heart eyes. Then I knew I had to do this. This is an amazing, Birth Photography is documentary photography at its core -- there is no such thing as posing here. (Love It!) Even if you don't intend on sharing the images publicly, you will find that birth photography provides the best narrative of your birth experience. The memories you have from your birth experience won't stay with you forever. The documentary nature of this work will always call those memories back to you!

Seven Reasons to consider birth photography


I can’t think of anything better than pulling out photos of bringing my lil babies into the world when I’m old and grey. 

To capture all the details, you are bound to miss

There is so much that goes on behind the scenes that a birth photography can capture. Friends and family eagerly waiting to hear the news, tender moments with your spouse. Let's not forget the older kids meeting their new baby brother or sister for the first time.

You Need to be Present

Labor is hard work, you know the whole process of pushing a baby out of your body will takes it out of you. It’s about all you can do to focus on your breathing and counting to 10 and all that, never mind worrying about who’s holding the camera and what photos they are getting. Take the pressure of yourself.

Your Spouse can focus on You not the pictures

One of the main reasons I don’t have any photos of my daughter being born is because my husband did an incredible job focusing on me.


While an iPhone can capture the basic shots, it can’t come close to compare to the quality of what a professional image. Hospital lighting is not great, and many home births have difficult low lighting to compete with. Let’s ensure you have beautiful, quality images to keep forever.


Not only will I provide excellent quality photos, I know how to remain professional in the birthing environment.

Exclusive Offer for this Model Call

As I am wanting to build my Birth Photography Portfolio and tell your baby's story! I am looking for 5 models who will allow me to share their baby's birth story.  I am offering these two packages discounted 60% off for five models who's due date is in the month of August or September 2018. I am accepting applications starting August 5th, 2018. Models need to book their date with me by August 10th, 2018.  To book your date you will need to place a $350 deposit toward your Birth Story Photography Package by August 10th, 2018. I will stop accepting applications at 11pm on August 10th, 2018.