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Your Top 6 reminders for your Personal Brand

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Top 6 Reminders for your Personal Brand

  1. Don’t forget that personal brand success doesn’t come overnight. Work with your personal brand consultant to break through roadblocks, unknown information, and stumbles to arrive at your personal brand mission, branding statement, photo session list, and content plan. As your company evolves with greater success, your branding might need to evolve too. It’s best to meet with your personal brand coach every quarter or twice a year at the least so your content can stay consistent with your goals and identity.

  2. Not all photographers are qualified to perform personal brand photography! You may have amazing family photos on your wall, but please stop before you call that photographer to shoot your brand. Personal brand photographers have specific qualifications and experience that will lead to more effective, consistent, and helpful photos that will speak directly to your ideal audience. If you’re going to pay for professional photos, do your research and make sure they have the marketing mojo to back their photo skills up. It’s in your best interest.

  3. Don’t ever try to create a personal branding plan without understanding your audience persona.

  4. Make your branding session is unique to you.  Your props, locations, and stories should all resonate with who you are as a person and the values of your company and brand.  If your photographer wants to shoot you in a coffee shop with a laptop, run away (unless you’re a barista or something)!!

  5. Don’t fear! You got this! It may all sound overwhelming, but that’s why we get help.  No one can do everything. Personal branding is not going anywhere; in fact, it’s becoming more and more prevalent the more our culture depends on digital media. So jump in headfirst and be confident in your decision.  

    6. Make sure you do an internal audit of your current marketing so you can tell your Consultant and Personal Brand Photographer exactly how you want to use this new content. I will format your new photo files to match current dimension and resolution standards for any social media channel, website use, and print file as apart of your session package.  If you’re not sure which social media channel to use, ask your experts!


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