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Top 10 Reasons Why Everyone Needs Personal Branding

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Why you need a personal brand…

It is increasingly important as more and more customers are doing their shopping online and using the internet of things for immediate Amazon deliveries. Right now we need to take the time to evaluate why we need a personal brand now more than ever before. So, to help you do your evaluation I have the Top 10 reasons why…

Here are my top 10 reasons why

everyone needs personal branding photography:

  1. Your customers, clients, those funding you, and your partners want to get to know you and trust you! Let's mirror your passion and energy into images that personalize your brand to communicate exactly who and what your brand is.

  2. People process photos of faces before anything else. People process photos before words by a magnitude of 60,000 times. What impact could it have showing off your face and brand?

  3.   Product-based businesses will benefit greatly from personal brand photography. People don't interact with objects; they become attached to a brand through the people involved.

  4.  You'll have professional-grade images of yourself for conferences, marketing materials, and networking events. Webinars, guest spots, and Interviews? Personal branding covers all your bases.

  5.  When you see how far you've come with your business reflected in images, you'll gain a new sense of confidence to move forward! Let's dress up your website! Improve your business cards! The sky is the limit!

  6.  You will save over 8 hours a week in marketing tasks. I have been telling you let me give you the gift of time for awhile now. Let’s melt that worry away! You never have to be concerned about where or how you will shoot your new product line, what image you'll use when you make an announcement, how to resize images for Instagram, or how to take a selfie that looks respectable!

  7.   Not every photographer can do personal brand photography. Does your sister-in-law have a fancy camera? Yep, lots of people have them today. There are even more photographers out there on Google and Yelp in your area. You need someone who specializes to build your brand, who can understand your brand stories and connect with your audience. If you choose someone without this understanding, your images will blend in with the rest and you won't strengthen your brand.

  8. If you intend to sell anything- an idea, a product, or service- you need photos on your sales and landing pages. How about a press releases? Funding proposals? Yes, you bet.

  9. An appointment for personal brand photography can actually help you slow down and get more clarity on where you want to go and who you want to be. When was the last time you sat down with someone and fleshed out the memories, expectations, stories, attitudes, values, and relationships that define you?

  10. Maintain authenticity. I get the professional face you must present, and how you must carry yourself in networking. I am behind the camera to help you protect and maintain your authenticity and integrity. No selfies, old head shots from college, or doctored snapshots needed!


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