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Top 5 FAQs about Personal Brand Photography


#1 What is personal brand photography?
Personal brand photography is a set of images taken that highlight a brand style, feeling, culture, values, color, products, and services. It is helpful for entrepreneurs, small businesses, social media influencers, and bloggers to solidify their brand, increase their reputation, and grow an online presence and increase value in marketing materials. Showing off a brand's unique style is imperative to growing trust and loyalty in today's customer base.


#2 How can I get personal brand photography for my brand? 
I recommend hiring a photographer that specializes in personal brand photography; they will understand the need for unique and striking images that convey a story within your personal brand that will create emotion in the ideal customers. Personal brand photographers specialize in pulling this information from a client and bringing it to light and reflect it in visual media. They will also be able to provide you with formatted images that can be used directly for your individual customized needs. To hire a personal photographer, you can contact me here.


#3 What is a personal branding statement?
A personal branding statement is similar to a mission statement. Within a brand will outline their core values, emotions, and style. It is you wrapped up in a small paragraph. From it, images, logos, marketing materials, and a business can grow organically.


#4 How can I start personal branding?
To start, outline three feelings that encompass you or your business. Identify the economic, social, and geographic details around your dream client or customer. From there, tie these feelings into a brand statement that will give you an outline of style and form to follow with every marketing material that follows, whether it be social media, your resume, or even a blog. Stay consistent to your brand and it will grow loyal followers!

 Last but not least…

#5 How can personal branding help me?
Personal branding can help a brand identify their style, identify their right customers, maintain a genuine reputation that cultivates trust, and grows your client base tremendously. Be the face in front of your brand! Humans respond to faces, not boxes or words!


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