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Save Time and Money by Using Personal Brand Photography


Let’s look at some tangible numbers on how much you would save and gain by having a small library of personal branding photography. Let’s say you were approached by a magazine about being featured in an article You would be able to send in photos of your choosing and you wouldn’t be at the mercy of one of their photographers or their time frame. (Tip: Sometimes the photographers at smaller magazines are students or interns.)

You would have gained time (about 8 hours) because:

  • You did not have to prepare for a session.

  • You did not have to spend time (or money) at the salon to get camera ready.

  • There was no need for a photo shoot.

You saved money (about $250) on professional hair and make-up services because you could skip the photo session and just send your curated branded images.

Personal branding photography is a powerful tool because it can have a substantial impact on your bottom line. It’s all about understanding how to leverage your images. Here we see the power of the photograph. You’ll love the outcome of the article because you controlled the content and brand image of the photography assets that were used.

I would like to help you take control of your brand image, let’s talk over coffee…