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How to decide on the right DSLR to purchase

We all know the Holiday Season is upon us and the deals will be hitting our inboxes and mailboxes in no time. So, you have been thinking about buying your first big girl Fancy Camera.

Your big girl Fancy Camera is a  big step up in image quality over a compact camera or even your smartphone you have been using. DSLRs (aka your Fancy Camera) may share the same amount of megapixels as your Smartphone, but the size of an entry-level DSLR's sensor is physically much larger allowing for superior results with more detail and better low-light performance. Plus, your Fancy Camera offers far more manual control and the ability to change lenses to tackle a huge variety of photo projects. Don't worry though – there are also a host of auto modes to help you out until you're comfortable with the more creative control with your Fancy Camera.

So, what does that mean, you ask?

Well, you want to find an affordable ($400-$600) camera that has decent megapixels (24 MP) and features that meet your needs (continuous shooting 5fps).

But there are so many brands out there, how do I know I picked the right one?

Totally agree!

There are so many that I can’t even name them all. The two dominating brands in the market are Nikon and Canon. You’ll notice in my profile picture and in my Instagram posts I am using a Pentax. Pentax has been around since 1957. I have used Pentax since the 80s so I am more brand loyal I guess you could say. I love my Pentax and it meets my needs.  If you are looking for a great starter camera in the Pentax line then I suggest the Pentax K-70 . I would suggest the Nikon D3400 if you are looking to stay with one of the dominating market brands. I have owned and used a Nikon before and they are super user friendly.  If you’re secretly a team Canon fan, then there is Canon EOS Rebel T7i / Canon EOS 800D to consider.

Do I buy a camera kit/bundle or the camera and lens separate?

Often times you going to find the camera body and a 18-55mm lens kit. I can tell you there are two focal lengths you gonna love more.  A 24mm for indoors and 50mm for portraits. Everyone starting out loves there nifty-fifty (50mm). No one ever really uses their kit lens. So, I personally recommend buying the body and selecting a lens you will grow with, it is worth the investment in my honest opinion. I realize not everyone will have the budget so that is why I linked kits above.

Once you have decided on the camera then your next step is going to be how to use it?

Well, I have you covered there too!  Sign up for my e-course  to learn some helpful tips on how to use your Fancy Camera.